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One-Roll Sessions

Classic, timeless, true black and white FILM. Over the course of my profession I have tried and tried to replicate the look of classy black and white photos, simply converting the color to black and white during my post-processing step. In my mind it never measured up to the real thing. Something about black and white film has drawn me in and I have fallen more and more in love with each roll I get back from the lab.
These type of photos are ones that last a lifetime. They are truly timeless. They can be showcased in your home for many, many years without being replaced. With the absence of color, it highlights the smallest of details in a person, and who they are in a genuine way. It takes away all other distractions from the photo.
My One-Roll Sessions will give you the opportunity to create these classic photos in a quick and simple session. I recommend using 1 session per child, giving you the most variety for each. I use one roll of film per session, which is 16 frames (hence the name One-Roll Sessions).
I schedule One-Roll Sessions sporadically throughout the year when there is enough interest to put together mini-sessions. I can also schedule these anytime, anywhere if there are at least 3 sessions. Contact me for more information on how to schedule one for your family.